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The Guardener's Tale

I initially wrote something about this new novel on my other blog last night, but I'm cross-posting it here as the author thought it worthy of consideration for the Prometheus Award. As the novel was published a few days ago on May 1st, I don't know if anyone on the Prometheus Award committee has read it yet, but I'm planning to review Bruce Boston's new novel, The Guardeners Tale, for the Summer issue of Prometheus.

One blurb opens like this: "Brave New World. Fahrenheit 451. THX 1138. A Scanner Darkly. Bruce Boston's new novel, The Guardener's Tale, assumes its rightful place in this noble lineage of anti-authoritarian fables." Boston in an interview a few years ago said, " I am not a libertarian or an anarchist, but I do see government as it has existed as a necessary evil." He also views himself as somewhat left of center, but anti-authoritarianism come in many packages, and cares little for left or right. Read more about Boston at his website.

I confess ( as I find happens more and more often the case these days), that although I have heard of Bruce Boston's name and seen some of his stories listed in publications, I cannot recall reading any of his fiction. I don't read sf magazines like I used to a few years ago, and only catch short stories in collections (primarily those from Golden Gryphon or some specific authors). I do look forward to reading this novel, and if anyone has read Boston's fiction and has any opinions on his work, I'd like to hear them.
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